Miami Narcotics Offenses Attorney

Narcotics Offenses

Drug possession, regardless of the amount, is a serious charge that carries with it both direct and collateral consequences. A simple misdemeanor marijuana conviction not only carries with it potential jailtime, but the defendant’s drivers license also becomes subject to suspension. Furthermore, the stigma of a drug arrest can follow a person around for life, as background searches for work, school, and property rental have become more comprehensive over the years. These cases are approached by the firm differently than others. Obviously we analyze the legality of the stop, seizure, and search leading to the arrest, as well as determine if the Government/State can prove actual or constructive possession of the contraband, but we also provide referrals to those clients that are seeking treatment if a true dependency problem exists. We have represented clients on drug cases as young as sixteen-years-old (as well as adults) and maintain strategic referrals with numerous treatment centers handling both drug and alcohol issues. Many times our clients are allowed to participate in programs outside the criminal justice system is lieu of court sanctions.

In both the State and Federal systems, certain thresholds of drug amounts bring upon minimum mandatory prison sentences. Our firm frequently handles cases involving possession, sale, purchase, etc. of narcotics, including oxycodone, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine, and such. Every one of these cases is handled delicately, as the penalties involved are severe.

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