Miami Dade Jail And Bail Bond Information

Miami Dade Jail and Bail Bond Information

So someone you know, friend or family, has just been arrested and you have never been through the process before. This page is designed to walk you through the process. The most important thing that you need to know that even if your loved one or friend is charged with something minor, the process in getting him or her out takes a long time and all involved need to be patient. If the case is bondable, he/she will get out, just not as fast as you may like.

If the arrest just happened, then he or she is still in police custody and will likely be there for some time. The process to get him/her out of Miami Dade Corrections custody can not start until he is booked in the jail and assigned a jail number. Once the jail number is a assigned a standard bond will be set unless he is nonbondable. The reasons why one would be nonbondable are:

1: The charge is so serious that it qualifies for no bond.

2: The defendant was on felony probation at the time of his arrest.

3: The arrest resulted from an allegation of domestic violence. He/she may be able to bond out after appearing in front of a judge within 24 hours, but not sooner.

4: There is an immigration hold.

5: There is an out-of-state/county fugitive warrant

General Miami Dade Jail Corrections Information can be found HERE

Bail Bond Process

If the defendant is eligible for a bond, then you have options. You can immediately pay the listed bond amount directly to the jail. The upside of this process is that once the case is resolved you receive the full amount back without losing a dime. The downside is that you can be out thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars while the case is pending. Furthermore, if the defendant were to flee the jurisdiction or fail to appear for court, you could forfeit the full amount paid.

Alternatively, you can contact a bail bondsman. Our firm does not and will not endorse any specific bail bondsman. A link to the Miami Dade Bail Association can be found HERE. A bail bondsman will post a bond on your behalf and will usually charge a 10% premium for the trouble. Furthermore, you will likely be required to provide collateral for the full bond, with the collateral sometimes being cash if the defendant resides outside the jurisdiction.

Alternatives to Immediate Bond Out

In lieu of bonding out you may choose to allow the defendant to go in front of a judge. Every arrestee is entitled to a probable cause determination within 24/48 hours of arrest, including holidays and weekends. At this hearing the judge will review the arrest affidavit and make findings. The bond can possibly lowered at this hearing or the defendant can be allowed out without a monetary deposit (pretrial release or ROR). The defendant is entitled to counsel at this hearing and a prosecutor will be present. These hearings are videotaped and the defendant should not discuss his/her case.