How to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Miami

Jun 18, 2018

You need the best criminal lawyer to represent you in court.
Full stop.
After an accusation, innocent people can be dragged through the rigamarole of legal processes and court appearances for years before being acquitted.
During an ordeal like that, you need a lawyer who is an expert in their field and has a sense of absolute dedication to their clients.
Here’s what to look for when searching for the best criminal lawyer Miami has to offer.

They Protect Your Rights

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does – you have constitutional rights which you may not be stripped of just because you’re accused of a crime.
The best criminal lawyers will make sure that you can exercise your right to remain silent, for example. In fact, they should remind you of this often!
Anything you say can be used against you – why offer potential ammunition to your accusers when you have the right to remain silent?
If you’re arrested, ask for your lawyer and politely decline to comment, citing the Fifth Amendment. We can’t stress this enough.
They’ll also make sure that you’re treated fairly every step of the way. Courts are an intimidating place, so it’s important that you have someone who knows the process and is ready to speak up with confidence on your behalf.
Having protected your legal rights, your lawyer creates the best chance for your case to come out favorably.

The Best Criminal Lawyers Know the System

Top lawyers know exactly what procedures they must follow. They know when to talk, and they know when to listen.
Perhaps more importantly, they know how to fill in all the forms and wrangle their way through the legal system without making a mistake.
Procedural errors can result in cases being thrown out. The best criminal lawyers know how to avoid making these mistakes.
They also know how to take advantage of errors made by the prosecutor’s office, and will use these to benefit your case as much as they are able to.

Choosing a Specialist

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do work on your car. You shouldn’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in criminal cases to represent you in court.
For example, lawyers who focus on civil cases are talented people. However, in most cases, they don’t have the experience or understanding of procedure to take on a criminal case with a reasonable chance of success.
Their focus is elsewhere. As good as they may be at fighting civil cases, they may be out of their depth in a criminal court. Likewise, depending if your case is to do with a federal or state offense, you need a specialist in that area.
Choose a specialist who has specific knowledge of what you’re up against. If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of DUI, you need a DUI defense attorney. If you’ve been charged with firearms crimes, well, you need a specialist attorney in that area.
Be sure to check out your lawyer’s background and case history to make sure they know what they’re talking about.

Always Choose Experience

You need to choose a lawyer who has experience. The best criminal lawyers have been practicing for years, and have represented many clients.
Someone straight out of college won’t have the experience to put together a solid case to defend against a serious criminal charge.
Litigation is never straightforward, and it helps to choose someone who has worked as both a prosecutor and defense representative. These people can see both sides of the divide, which can be advantageous.
A familiarity with the people working in the prosecutor’s office also opens up the opportunity to negotiate better deals if it comes to that. But first and foremost, a good attorney will investigate the case and analyze what the likely outcome might be.

They’ll Investigate and Challenge the Evidence

An experienced lawyer will not just sit back and accept the facts as reported by prosector’s witnesses and the police.
They’ll investigate the evidence themselves, demanding discovery from the prosecutor and putting their team to work looking for inconsistencies and inaccuracies.
For example, if they can dig up CCTV footage that proves what a witness said isn’t what happened, that can undermine the prosecutor’s case in a major way.
If your attorney isn’t looking for these gaps, how do they hope to win? That’s why having the best criminal lawyer on your side helps. They have proactive approaches and are always on the lookout for new evidence which will help your case.

Guilt Isn’t Relevant

Remember that it doesn’t matter whether you committed a crime or not in the eyes of a good defense attorney. It’s not their job to decide whether you’re guilty or not or to make a judgment of how to act on that basis.
That’s up to the judge or the jury.
Your defense attorney will present your case to the best of their ability because that is what they have promised that they will do.
So don’t worry that an attorney won’t do their job properly because the facts look like they’re swinging against you. It’s not true at all.
They’ll be fighting for you every step of the way.

Choose The Greico Law Center

If you’re in Miami or South Florida and you’re looking for an attorney to defend you, call on the Greico Law Center.
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