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If you are being investigated by any government entity regarding your use of the Employee Retention Tax Credit, or believe you may be investigated unjustly, we can help.

The unfortunate truth is, even those who believe they’ve used the ERTC correctly may still require legal representation. Let’s look at what the ERTC is, and why getting an employee retention tax credit fraud defense attorney may be in your best interest.

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What is an Employee Retention Tax Credit?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit, or ERTC, is a refundable employment tax credit. Created by the CARES Act in March of 2020, the ERTC was designed to help businesses retain their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. This tax credit covers 50% of up to $10,000 ($5000 per employee) in qualified wages paid after March 12th, 2020 to January 1st, 2021. To qualify, eligible employers who operated during 2020 had to meet either of the following requirements.

1. Had their operations fully or partially suspended during 2020 due to orders from an appropriate governmental authority limiting commerce, travel, or group meetings (for commercial, social, religious, or other purposes) due to COVID-19; or

2. Experienced a significant decline in gross receipts during the calendar quarter.

Employee Retention Tax Credit Defense:

Why You May Need an ERTC Defense Attorney

The IRS estimates that billions of dollars in fraud has occurred relating to the employee retention tax credit program. Companies have allegedly used this program improperly through several channels, including:

  • The misrepresentation of company receipts
  • The creation of false entities
  • The misrepresentation of employee numbers

Even if you believe you have utilized the employee retention tax credit correctly, you may still be charged and prosecuted. Clerical errors or filing mistakes can result in investigation, even if your intention was to use the program in good faith. Whether you have committed ERC fraud or not, it is vital that you contact an attorney immediately.

At the Grieco Law Center, our attorneys have consulted on multiple ERTC applications to ensure compliance, as well as handled multiple PPP fraud cases throughout the country. We have the experience necessary to insulate you from investigation and prosecution; if you are charged, we can defend you. If you or someone you know is being investigated by the IRS, FBI, Secret Service, or the Department of Justice for possible ERTC fraud, it is essential that you contact an attorney immediately. Don’t hesitate; contact us for a free consultation today.

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